Most people find themselves in a situation where their computer is taking too long to locate a file, to play video or even to load a page. Such incidences makes the user angry or impatience.In most cases you find people applying methods that may fix their slow computer /laptop.Downloading and installing new software e.g windows being on of the methods applied. Most user desperately look for any method that will make their computer function with supersonic speed. In the process most of the computer users end up being victim of unqualified technician. They end up losing their computer and money.Below are some of the problem that may make your computer to slow.

FACTORS THAT MAKE YOUR COMPUER TO SLOW;                                                                                                    CROWDED HARD DRIVE/TOO MANY  PERMANENT  FILES

You find many people download and save a lot of file, some of which are unnecessary. You have to understand the more files and application you collect the more cluttered your hard disk becomes.                 When your harddisk becomes over 90% full you will notice the performance of your machine is lower thus taking a lot of time searching a particular file.

Some of the solutions include deleting unneccessary files


While slow network speed might not have a direct impact on the computer performance. If you relying on it or downloading data or watching online context, slow network speed will come into play  thus experiencing buffering .


Your computer’s ability to run multiple programs at the same time relays on it’s [RAM]  random access memory which allows it to switch from one program to another with seeming fluidity, if the demands of the open programs are outstripping your computer’s memory you then experience slowdown in switching from one program to another. Solving these can be helped by closing some programs or upgrading of RAM.


Viruses, spyware and other malware can also slow down your computer. They hijack everything including your browser by pushing Adds and advertisement.Some of these Adds are not secured as they leave your gadget with viruses thus crushing your computer.


Many people have deep cleaned their computers, upgraded their browser tab liability but still their computers are still slow.If changes does not work you might consider upgrading your RAM , especially if you are dealing with huge files  e.g video or photo editing and software.

Before you make any decisions regarding disposing your computers, you may consider solving some of these problems. You may seek help from qualified/experienced technicians and I.C.T personnel. These help to avoid  falling a victim of fake technicians thus losing your computer and money. To get professional help  from above  and  others problem, click the following link . If you have any question, leave it at the comment box.




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