Our day to day lifestyle to be complete, we make a lot of decision. To go to a meeting on a suit or casually dressed,take milk or coffee or visit a girlfriend or your mum. You find yourself in a dilemma. I such situations you take one choice and leave the other one.

The same case applies to companies or personnel who are given mandate to purchase items for companies or personal use that n will serve their deserved purpose.. person responsible find him/her self in a difficult situation, Whether to go for a refurbished laptop which is more economical over a new one.
When it comes to choosing, People have different mentality about refurbished laptops. Some believe that are computers reaching their dead end or used computers. What is a refurbished computer? These are computers taken back to the manufacturer if they did not meet the required standards or laptops noticed to have dents during manufacturing and taken back through manufacturing process again to be collected. Later the computer is put under 4-5 hours of testing and sold to consumers at a lower price; while on the other hand a new laptop is a computer that it seals has not been broken since the manufacturing day.
Before you do any buying you have to consider some factors which will help you to avoid disappointment. Some of the factors include;

refurbished laptop computer are attainable at significant cheaper price than a brand new model and they are readily available either from your local shop or a friend.

new laptops serve for longer time than used laptop computers. Refurbished laptop computers may develop a problem with a mother board at future.
Spare availability;

you find out that the new generation of laptop computer that are being processed, it become difficult to access the spare parts compared to the used or refurbished laptop computer which can be even be sourced from used computers.
From above article, the choice is left to the user to decide which way to go.

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